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Saturday, 20. July 2019  

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Business Plan Templates and On line Validation Tools

Self Assessment Tool

Use the business plan “Self Assessment Tool” (SAT) to get an expert on-line validation of the completeness of your business plan.

There are 2 different assesment tools.

For a full 360° validation you should use the professional version or SAT-Pro. This assessment will give you an expert opinion on the completeness of the business plan. It also tells you if the proposed investment terms are realistic and attractive for an investor. It provides tools to prepare for the search and first meeting with investors, and introduce you to relevant investment terms. Included in the test is also the possibility to make financial sensitivity analysis. Taking the test is a "value for money" opportunity compared to the cost of having an external consultant to do the same job. A validated report will only cost you 25 € incl. VAT. In addition you get unlimited access to the test, including the financial section, for 2 consecutive days,

For a quick assessment you should opt for the SAT-Light. Note that the tool does not include a financial analysis. This tool is free of charge!

Both test will tell you about the completeness of your business plan - it will not tell you if your assumptions about your business success are realistic! For a limited time first time users can get a “free access code” (contact: CET Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

The Self Assessment Tools (SAT) were developed by InvestorNet and validated under several EU projects, among which the Gate2Growth project.

Download a sample of a business plan validation report here [pdf - 97Kb]







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